Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Evolution of Digital Cameras

The concept of capturing still images evolved from the basic ideas of the camera, with its roots found deep into the historical time frame of the early Chinese as well as Greeks. The first attempt at photography was achieved with the idea of viewing images through the idea of the pin-hole device. This idea of this device was thought of as theologically conceived, based on the earlier concept of a Divine power. The digital camera known today is descended from a long lineage of cameras.
The technology behind the pin-hole camera enabled creative minds to conceive of the idea of capturing still images, which led to an earlier version of the camera. The first recorded knowledge of the device implemented with the capacity to capture images reveals the idea that transportability was not taken into account when establishing this device. It was large enough to accommodate individuals.
The image capturing processes of this version of the camera was enabled through the available elements of nature, which provided the lighting that was captured through the pin hole. This then enabled the image of the individual inside to be displayed on a screen. The displayed image was then manually copied onto available materials.
This camera was solely intended to entertain. This version of the camera developed in to the later version which enabled more convenient portability. This was due to the improvements made by certain inventors of the time, using the properties of certain versions of darkening chemicals at the time. The darkening aspects of the chemicals revealed themselves under the needed light to see the images. Due to this, the images did not last.
A more successful attempt using a different substance at the time resulted in a lasting captured image. A gelatinous plating devised by a later scientist enabled higher speed image capturing, with improved standards of image result. The quality of speed required a capturing system to meet the newer standards, which resulted in a shutter that observed a mechanical response when triggered.
After the invention of the first form of film, the first recognizable form of the device known as the camera was established. The version of the nineteenth century was black block shaped device, with the same capturing technologically advanced capabilities known to later cameras. While the cameras evolved, different types became more readily available, with the latest improvement being the digital cameras known today. The latest choices offer features such as video capture and photographic upload into a storage medium, such as computers before being shared.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Safe Downloading

Nothing in this world is without risk!
...certainly not Downloading.
There's always the risk that you might download something that damages your computer of your files, or spyware that allows strangers to access your confidential material or even use your computer for their own purposes.
The majority of sources are perfectly honourable, but those few who are not can cause you no end of problems! So here are a few simple rules
1: Security Software
Don't download anything until you've got reputable Security Software like McAfee or Norton installed.
(This of course should not prevent you downloading reputable security software!)
2: Check Out the Source Site.
Is it a household name?
If you're downloading something from Windows or Sourceforge or a well-known internet or high street retailer like Amazon or House of Frazer it's probably OK
Does it look professional?
If it seems superficial if basic don't download from it. If it is clearly well researched and presented then downloads from it are likely to be safe. Otherwise:
Check it out on the Internet
Do a search on the supplier's name. Look out for blogs or forums relating the experience of satisfied or dissatisfied customers. Have they experience problems with downloads?
If you are still uncertain type;'WHOIS' into your search engine. There are a number of free programs there you can use to see who owns a particular website. Use 'cut and paste' to make sure you have the exact web address even for what appears to be a well-known and reputable dealer: scammers often use 'near-mis-spells' of well known names.
3: Check out the File you want to Download
Does it Contain Executable files?
Executable files have file names with.exe', '.bat', '.pif', and '.scr'..
If it you does you should be very wary. Don't download it without running it past your security software.
Is it Big Enough?
There are usually several possible sources for the sort of software you want to download. If your choice is significantly smaller that the others, don't download it.
Is it Unexpected?
If you receive an E-mail from an unknown sender with a file attached, delete it immediately. That has 'virus' written all over it.
4: Tips 
  1. Don't use the 'download' and 'install' options for anything other than downloads from the most famous and reputable sites - Google, Microsoft, McAfee, Norton, Skype. etc.
  2. Otherwise use the 'Download' and 'Save' option.
  3. If in doubt don't download.

Friday, May 4, 2012

How To Make Life Easy With DSLR Cameras

If you love photography, you better check out the latest DSLR cameras. Some people think these types are too complicated. They often think these cameras are only for professionals. This is not usually the case. Some of these cameras are user-friendly; you can even learn how to use it by yourself. You just need to be patient and find the right model for your needs. To give you more ideas, here are some tips you can follow when looking for DSLR cameras.
Get more information
The first thing you should do is to learn more about cameras. This doesn't necessarily mean you should enroll in a photography class before getting one. You just need a little background to know about the products and their features. One way to do this is to research online.
Search for websites with free tutorials on the basics of DSLR cameras and product reviews. These may help you find the best camera for your activities. Try to ask some of your friends or colleagues for product or brand referrals. Check out the pros and cons; it is better to learn something about the device you want to buy to initially give you an idea if it will suit your needs and preferences.
Determine your goals
The next step is to know your goals. Why are you buying a camera? Is it for film or photography? There are various types of camera and each has specific features. There are cameras that can capture moving objects, and there are cameras only good for taking still photos. Your goals and activities will determine which type of camera will work best for you.
If you want a camera for filming, you should look for models with high precision. The best precision count should be at least 50-80mm. There are DSLR cameras with multiple lenses. These are ideal for both filming and photography. You can also adjust the lenses according to your requirements. You can use fisheye or widescreen lens to add more effects. You should check out some useful camera accessories to give you more functions and comfort when taking your shots.
Check out the latest features
You should also consider the special features of the camera. Most DSLRs today can produce HD quality images. This is a good advantage for filmmakers, as they don't have to rely on large HDV cameras. Just make sure the settings are compatible with the software you're using at home. Look for a universal audio jack. This is very important, especially if you're using lapel or boom microphones. Ask the supplier or read the manual so you will know the best camera accessories you may use. There are now special tools you may install so you can upgrade the quality of the images.
The most popular brands for DSLR cameras today are Canon and Nikon. These brands are the best when it comes to camera functions. Most experts recommend Canon for filming and Nikon for photography; but there are some models ideal for both activities. For Canon, look for 550D, EOS, and the latest EOS 7D. If you are considering Nikon, you should check out the D90 or their latest Nikon D4.