Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wireless Waiter Paging: Wiring the World Without Wires

In the past, people talked by organizing face-to-face meetings, sharing their thoughts and views in person. Soon, technology made a giant leap with wired telecoms which allowed people to reach out to each other without necessarily being physically present. Not long after that, technology has come up with a way for people to talk without being tethered by a piece of wire.
Wireless telecoms keep parties connected with each other even though they are in opposite sides of the world. Because of the ease and convenience it brings, it has seen many applications in modern lifestyle, from mobile phones, two-way radios, wi-fi internet to waiter paging systems. Much has been written about the first three, but not a lot people know about the benefits wireless waiter paging has to offer.
If you run a very big restaurant and want to monitor every nook and cranny, you will need spools of wires for that. With a wireless waiter paging system, all you will need is a central transmitter and some pagers for your waiters to carry. The transmitter can cover an area as big as a thousand yards or more.
Most paging systems have a built-in range test mode to determine just how far the transmitter can reach. While the systems have enough range to cover the entire restaurant, it pays to know how big your restaurant is. You can purchase an extended range antenna to boost the range of your current transmitter.
Waiter paging systems are built to make serving food and other activities more organized. By fitting your waiters and staff with a pager, instead of looking all over the bar for them, you can simply press the button and let them come to you. This way, you won't bother other waiters by asking them whether or not they have seen this fellow waiter. Business activity has to be in full and continuous swing especially during peak hours.
Today, you seldom need wires to make sure you have control over your restaurant. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, your establishment can be "wired without using any wires" through the use of waiter paging systems. This will enable you to provide excellent customer service that will keep old and new patrons coming back for more.

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